Locum Support Program

The Locum Support Program is funded by a Contribution Agreement between the Yukon Medical Association (YMA) and the Yukon Government (YG). It provides finanical assistance to Yukon physicians for usual and reasonable locum physician expenses.

Reimbursement of any expected and reasonable expenses is not guaranteed under this program. The locum physician and Yukon physician must negotiate which expenses will be reimbursed. Signing the Locum Contract Checklist indicates that both parties are in agreement with the terms.

It is very important that both the locum physician and the Yukon physician read the guidelines carefully (download at right or below) and if any questions arise, to contact the Fund Manager for clarification. 

CMPA Reimbursement

As a locum working in the Yukon you are eligible for full CMPA reimbursement for the month(s) you billed the Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan (YHCIP), BUT only if you will not receive or have not received CMPA reimbursement from your home jurisdiction for the months in question.

For YMA reimbursement please download and review the guidelines (right or below), date and sign the one-page document and submit to the YMA.


All requests for licensing information should be directed to the Yukon Medical Council.

Hospital Privileges

All requests for Yukon Hospital Corporation privileges should be directed to Sarah Edwards.

Want to relocate here?

Information on YMA Membership and Benefits.  Check out YukonMD for addtional information.