Board, Committees, Minutes, Resources

YMA Board of Directors

  • President - Dr. Alex Kmet
  • President Elect- Dr. Derek Bryant
  • Secretary-Treasurer - Dr. Alison Madlung
  • Rural Representative - Dr. Lindsey Campbell
  • Director at Large - Dr. Anna Davies
  • Director at Large - Dr. Kathleen Cunniffe
  • Director at Large - Dr. Megan Schenke
  • CMA Board of Directors (ex-officio) - Dr. Alex Poole

Joint Management Committee (JMC)

YMA - Dr. Alex Kmet (President)

YMA - Dr. Derek Bryant (President-Elect)

YMA - Katrina Fillmore (CEO)

YG - Deputy Minister Ed Van Randen

YG - Acting Deputy Minister Tiffany Boyd

YHC - Jason Bilsky (CEO)

Negotiation Committee (NC)

Dr. Adrienne Mayes - Chair

Dr. Jake Morash - member

Dr. Stephanie Matchett - member

Dr. Taulee Hsieh - member

Dr. Sarah Biss - member

Fee Liaison Committee (FLC)

YMA - Dr. Taulee Hsieh

YMA — Dr. Stephanie Matchett

YMA — Dr. Adrienne Mayes

FLC submission form - english version

FLC Submission form - french version

Joint Administrative Committee (JAC)

Director of Insured Health and Hearing Services — Shauna Demers

YMA representative — Dr. Alison Madlung

YMA alternate — Dr. Derek Bryant

YMA Finance Committee

Dr. Alison Madlung (YMA Sec-Treas)

Dr. Lindsey Campbell (YMA Board member)

Dr. Tanis Secerbegovic (YMA member)

Katrina Fillmore (YMA CEO)

YMA Equality Diveristy and Inclusion (EDI) Committee 

Dr. Anna Davies (YMA Board member)

Dr. Justine Fair

Dr. Laura Tanyi-Remarck (YMA member) 

Physician Payment Advisory Committee (*new)

Physician rep - Dr. Stephanie Matchett

Physician rep - Dr. Derek Bryant

Digital Health Steering Committee (*new)

Dr. Alex Kmet (YMA rep)

Katrina Fillmore (YMA rep)

Stephanie Ralph (YHC rep)

Kelly Steele (YHC rep)

Paul Payne (YG rep)

Jason Durand (YG rep)

CMA Nominations Committee

Dr. Jason Xiao